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Looking for a hair straightener that wont burn or damage your hair? Our hair straighteners are designed to keep your hair silky, glossy, healthy, and straight. Our straighteners will straighten your hair fast without damage to your hair.
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Precision Ceramic Straightener
Precision Ceramic Straightener
Price: $95.00

Precision 100% Solid Ceramic Straightener by Beyond The Beauty
- 100% ceramic plate that locks in natural oils of your hair and leaves your hair with a glossy shine-unique floating infrared and negative plate design.
-Ion technology with very light weight, creates straight, curly, or wave style hair.
- works on any type of hair.
- Heats up in 7 seconds up to a maximum of 450 F
- Lifetime Warranty.
Olympic Ceramic Hair Straighter
Olympic Ceramic Straightener
Price: $95.00

* Multi purpose design for straightening and curling hair.
   * Pure ceramic plates that disprese the right amount of heat.
   * Pure ceramic plates that locks in hair's natural oils and prevents damaging the hair.
   * Lifetime manufacture warranty
Prestige Pro Ceramic Straightener by Beyond The Beauty
Prestige Pro Straightener
Price: $99.00

  • Temperature control up to 450 F Hottest Straightener Yet!
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates that disperse the right amount of heat.
  • Dual Voltage 110 -240v - 50/60Hz.
  • Includes a free travel pouch.
  • Lifetime Manufacture Warranty.

Travel Pouch INCLUDED
Life time warranty!


The Beauty of Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Straightening Flat Irons

Natural looking straight hair is the in thing these days and women with curly frizzy hair have been turning to hair straightening flat irons with increasing numbers to achieve this look. With the new generation of ceramic plated and ionic tourmaline technology flat irons getting that straight hair look is easier to accomplish then it ever was.

Lets face it the process of getting your hair ready takes time. From shampooing and conditioning, to drying and styling, tools that can improve the look and health of your hair during this process are a plus. Using the wrong products can lead to damaged hair that becomes frizzy and breaks. This can also cause moisture poor dead hair that can be almost impossible to style.

This is why spending a little extra for professional grade styling tools is so important. Hair straighteners with ceramic plates are clearly the best choice to make because they are lightweight, heat up quickly, and leave nearly damage free hair. In fact hair irons with the tourmaline technology can actually improve your hairs health, leaving it moisturized and shiny after use.

Your average store bought hair straightener is made with metal plates which heat up more slowly and have uneven heat distribution. This causes hot and cool spots which not only makes it harder to straighten unruly hair but can also cause damage when it overheats certain areas of your hair.

Another nice feature that these top of the line ceramic flat irons have is the ability to customize the amount of heat they output. They allow this through a little rheostat dial that can let you dial up high heat for course, thick curly hair and lower heat for thin, dry, or damaged hair. And since this heat is evenly distributed along the ceramic plates it allows for better results in a shorter amount of time.

Using the right type of hairstyling tools is vitally important to the health of your hair. Ceramic plated ionic tourmaline hair straightening flat irons that professional stylists use are a great choice if you want that just left the salon look. They might cost a little more but in the long run your hair will be healthier and look better.